My 3 Favorite Google Chrome Extensions And Every Social Media Marketer Need

As social media managers, we always have a thousand things to do. From creating an engaging post, analyzing campaigns, planning, meeting, etc. Many of us resonate with the saying “My brain has way too many tabs open” … and this can’t be more than TRUE! 😅

It’s so important as a social media manager being organized in each task to be more productive. In this article, I’ll share with you three tools super helpful to boost productivity, keep you motivated, and organized.

1. LastPassUsers: 8,751,019

Oh, LastPass, you are my dream come true! 🙌 You no longer need to have the password of your social accounts in the spreadsheet. This extension allows you to save all your passwords and username on the same platform by using only your LastPass master password. Another awesome setting is that you can share social accounts with you collages without sharing the password. Only you’ll know the master password.

2. MomentumUsers: 3,771,354

Since day one, I loved this extension it not only helps you to boost productivity. You can create tracking of tasks with to-do lists, and even write your main focus of the day. Also, inspires you with daily quotes and photos of beautiful places.

As a social media manager, I can say 100% that I’m more productive with this extension.

3. GrammarlyUsers: 10,000,000+

Definitely, is my go-to app! Having good spelling influences your professional image in a positive way. Without hesitation, I use Grammarly when I'm writing a blog post, newsletter or working on a large project.

By installing this extension it allows you to have a clear spelling, grammar, and use of proper words.

Did you find these Google Chrome Extension helpful? What are some of your favorite ways to boost productivity and stay organized?

Let me know in the comment below! 😉 Note: All of these are free tools, but some of the services that they work with have paid features or subscriptions.